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PINIMAGEWe are Tom and Cassie Medved, the husband and wife superduo who own and operate Medved Photography.  We love meeting new, amazing, creative people and getting to work together all the time. Our lovely young daughter and tiny dog provide moral support but aren’t strong enough to hold a light stand or be very good assistants just yet.   

At Medved Photography we believe that good photography communicates with the viewer. We enjoy connecting with clients and really getting to know people to bring out the best in their photos.

Tom has been a Milwaukee area high school photography teacher since 2008.  He openly admits to students to only taking one photography course (using 35mm film) before getting hired to teach it; proving that that dedication and practice far outweigh perceived natural skill.  He considers himself a lifelong learner and enjoys the unique challenges and opportunities that every shoot brings.  He loves his family, board games, drawing, most things Sega, buying photography gear, MST3K, and playing basketball poorly.     

Cassie works as photographer, editing guru, accountant, webmaster extraordinaire, and external memory unit for Tom.  She has worked in education in the Milwaukee area since 2007.  Cassie took her first steps into photography taking her own own engagement photos and been running ever since.  She loves her family, dogs, books, good coffee, traveling, and the oxford comma.